Join Eterbank’s token pre-sale and automatically qualify to win a Tesla Model S


Join Eterbank’s token pre-sale and automatically qualify to win a Tesla Model S

How to join?

In order to join the Tesla raffle all you need to do is join the token pre-sale by registering and purchasing more then 100 US dollars worth of EterPay tokens.

The raffle is available for the first 1000 purchasers.


In order for the raffle to have full transparency once 1000 token sale participants have joined in we will announce a LIVE online random picking from a list of wallet addresses that have participated in the token sale, using an open source online random pick tool.

This way token holders are insured off full transparency.

Raffle countdown

The raffle ends with the token pre-sale, at which point the winner of a Tesla Model S will be announced!


How can I participate in the giveaway to win the Tesla model S?

Simply participating in the token pre-sale with a purchase of over 100USD worth of EterPay tokens, the first 1000 participants are automatically eligible to winning a Tesla model S.

How do I participate in the token pre-sale?

Click on the register button in the previous sections or go to in order to enter KYC / AML verification process. If eligible you will receive and email with further instructions!

When will the Tesla giveaway end?

The giveaway will be fullfilled once the first 1000 token purchasers fullfill the needed criteria to enter the contest or latest at the end of Eterbank’s ICO

What steps will be undertaken in order to ensure transparency?

1. Eterbank will make public the list of the first 1000 wallet addresses of giveaway participants and based on this list a winner will be randomly picked.

2. In order to pick the winner from the list, Eterbank will utilise a transparent random picker tool such as

What Tesla Model S is the vehicle specifically?

The vehicle is a Tesla Model S P85 Performance with 416 break horse power.